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Double CD "pannonica" 2020 - Gina Schwarz

cracked anegg records

CD "Hit the Ground Running" 2020 - PLAYGROUND4

Women Jazz Band (CH, DE, AT)

CD "Woodclock" 2016 - ​​Gina Schwarz Unit feat. Jim Black 

CD "JAZZISTA" 2013 - ​Gina Schwarz

CD "SchwarzMarkt" 2006 - ​Gina Schwarz

CD "AIRBASS" 2008 - ​Gina Schwarz  Richard Oesterreicher

CD "In the Zone" 2007 feat. George Garzone

CD "Eardance" 2005 - ​Global Glue

CD "Butterfly" 2010 - Bass Instinct, Acoustic Bass Sextet

CD "Illusionista" 2008 - Bass Instinct, Acoustic Bass Sextet

CD "Momentum" 2017 - ​Muriel Grossmann Quartet

CD "Moments of Noise" 2006 - Robert Bachner Big Band

DVD "Live in Vienna" 2008 - ​Robert Bachner Big Band

CD "Spotlight on Ella Fitzgerald" 2007 - ​Robert Bachner Big Band feat. Karin Bachner

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