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Video: Teaser        Video: Live@Porgy&Bess     

Audio: Decisions    Audio: Dr.Jekyll & Mrs.Hyde

Christoph Helm guit Gina Schwarz b Max Plattner dr


Elmo Nero brings three exciting protagonists of the Austrian jazz scene together. With compositions and improvisations fed by a wide variety of influences the exceptional musicians manage to captivate their audience ... More infos here: Elmo Nero




Video: Live@jazzahead! 2023              Audio: Sandy Tracks


Video: Live@Altes Pfandhaus                  Audio: Choral


Gina Schwarz (AT) comp, b - Annette Maye (DE) Bb-cl - Mona Matbou-Riahi (IR) Bb-cl - Steffen Schorn (DE) contra-alto cl, C-sax - Thomas Savy (FR) bcl - Lucas Leidinger (DE) p - Mahan Mirarab (IR) guit - Dirk-Peter Kölsch (DE) dr - Daniel Manrique-Smith (PE) fl


Homage to Nick Drake

In 2020 & 2021 the Austrian jazz bassist and composer Gina Schwarz had the privilege of being invited to the Multiphonics Festival Cologne as Composer in Residence. The starting point of her new compositional ideas was the music of the British folk singer, guitarist and composer Nick Drake. (press)



Video: Live at RKH Vienna                  Audio: Chai Waltz 

Video: Live at RKH Vienna               Audio: Via Terra 



Gina Schwarz b, comp / Lorenz Raab tp, flgh/ Lisa Hofmaninger soprano sax, bcl  Alois Eberl trb / Florian Sighartner vl / Clemens Sainitzer vc / Christopher Pawluk guit

Stephanie Weninger piano / Judith Schwarz dr


Austrian double bass player-composer-bandleader Gina Schwarz
began her «Pannonica» project as a tribute to Baroness Pannonica de
Koenigswarter (1913-1988), ala Kathleen Rothschild, known as a
patron to bebop musicians. Schwarz wanted that this project would reflect a female consciousness, close to the way that the Baroness saw jazz – jazz as the embodiment of modernism, tolerance, and plurality, an urgent and most necessary antidote to
racism, sexism, and gender-bias. The «Pannonica» nonet began working as a stage band at the Viennese Porgy & Bess club during the 2017-18 season with international femal guests: Marilyn Mazur, Ingrid Jensen, Sylvie Courvoisier, Julia Hülsmann, Karin Hammer, Angelika Niescier and Camila Meza.

When the lockdown was imposed on Vienna in November, 2020, the Austrian jazz bassist and composer Gina Schwarz withdrew to her countryside hometown and responded to the vicissitudes of the pandemic as an artist.  
The album "All Alone 2020" was created within six days, six pieces that - according to
their titles - are very different in their compositional concept, character and mood:
"Communication in Isolation", "Motion in Freeze", "Structured Chaos", "Wistful Euphorism", "All Alone - Together in the Long Run" & "Farewell to Resignation".  
The creatively arranged brass sections and the melodic string parts create unconventional shapes, colours and tension in the music. The skillfully employed soloists of the nonet “Pannonica” increase the intensity even more. (press)



Video: Live at Sargfabrik Vienna      Audio: A Dança


More Infos: Here                          Audio: Nach Freitag



The intense expression in  the tone of the two individual musicians seduces you - into a world of driving rhythms, beautiful melodies and harmonies. The combination of acoustic bass and acoustic guitar is magical - intimate an yet sonorous - a special sound - a special duo. Feelings and moods shape the music. when the first notes sound, you feel at home in your living room. When you close your eyes, you hear a 10-string intsrument - a kind of fusion - fusao. (Simeon Morrow)



Video: Live at Porgy & Bess         Audio: Prayer

More Infos: Here                              Audio: Shiva


RAMON LOPEZ (SP) - drums, tabla



For some time now, “free improvisation” has been a central theme in my musical creativity. The unbelievable freedom which this music form offers is immeasurable and sometimes also unobtainable. Absolute trust and mutual empathy among the players are determining factors for its success. As with many of my other projects, this trio has a rather far-reaching background...(Heinrich von Kalnein)


Video: Live@ Porgy&Bess

Gina Schwarz bass
Peter Herbert bass
Anna Lang cello

Clemens Lippauer cello

Strong basses make the body vibrate, many vibrations create high tones. You know that. But these frequencies of 2 basses and 2 cellos together, from the BACELLOS, these frequencies are no longer measurable! Music without limits, on 16 strings and very long fretboards, or rather groove boards!? (press)

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